Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!

I'm back! Now that the holidays are officially over I'm ready to get back to business.  The past month has been a whirl wind of shopping, wrapping, cooking, cleaning, and family gatherings... and to be quite honest, I'm a little worn out. 

But since I haven't been around, here's a look on what you've missed. 

Susie Home-Maker:

This year I was the cookie queen! Whether it was gingerbread or sugar cookies, my husband and I did a lot of baking.  Although I was very tempted by these sugary sweets, I did my best to stay away and only have one here and there. I ended up bringing them to family parties and giving them away as little gifts.  I also got crafty in the holiday gift tag department. I opted out of buying stick on tags this year and decided to make them myself with some leftover glitter paper that I used for my advent calendar. They turned out so cute and were pretty easy to make and attach to gifts. I'm going to plan on doing this again next year for sure, as it added a personal touch to each and every one. 

Feeling festive:


 I'm just all about that glitter. As the days and weeks went on the holiday glam made an appearance. Something as simple as this glitter top from Forever 21 adds a little extra holiday cheer. :)
And nothing says Christmas like The Polar Express, which is one of my favorite movies ever. 
Most nights for me meant curling up on the couch with a cup of coffee/tea, a lit tree, and a Christmas movie from my childhood. Bliss. 

My birthday:
December 23rd was my 27th birthday! 
I started off my morning with a good workout and then went and got a fresh hair cut. 
Are we loving this hair cut? Or are we loving this hair cut? Dave at Alex Emilio is amazing. I just can't imagine going to anyone else!
 I wore this cute sweater from Express as we headed out to dinner at Katana, which is Japanese cuisine, where we enjoyed scallops and sushi. Yum!

We ended the night bundled up on the couch admiring my new watch ;) Hubby did good.
Christmas Eve:
I had to work a half day, and then we went to my husband's grandma's house for Holy Eve Supper. 

Dress: Express (sold out)
Shoes: Report Signature

 When we got home, we were each allowed to open one gift. The hubs now smells like Gucci, and can we talk about how beautiful this phone case is?

Christmas Day:

Christmas morning I woke up around 7 to play the roll of Mrs. Clause. Here we have a bunch of beautifully wrapped gifts, two cups of flavored coffee in seasonal mugs, and two frosted cinnamon rolls. You're welcome. 

After the gift exchange, we headed to mom's style!
I never actually got a picture of my outfit but here's a brief summary:
Dress: Express (I know, I'm a little obsessed) 
Shoes: Report Signature (same as above) 
Shrug: Black Sequin Calvin Klein (Similar here)

We had a great night at my mom's house with just about everybody there. 
I've already used two of my kitchen gadgets:

...I've made zucchini pasta with my spiralizer

...and homemade pizza (and sauce) on my pizza stone!

New Years Eve:

After working another half day, I headed straight home to start cooking. 
On the menu:
Option 1: Salmon patty sliders (my own recipe) served with an avocado dressing, spinach, and a slice of cucumber. 
Option 2: Home made veggie burgers (from this cookbook) served with a slice of kumato and vegan pepper jack cheese. 
Marinated chicken wings (Mom's recipe) boneless and with bones
Smoked Salmon Bites (served on pumpernickel bread with dijon mustard and dill)
Vegan Nacho Cheese Dip (from the same recipe book above)
Chips and Salsa
Chia Vegan Donuts with homemade frosting (recipe from above cookbook)

We had over a small group of friends and I ALMOST made it till midnight. I ended up dozing off around 11:30, but the hubs woke me up shortly before midnight. 

New Years Day:
As for this year, I do have a couple of new years resolutions. 
1. Practice what I preach.
2. No more sweets! (seriously, I've indulged wayyy too much... like enough to last me all year)
3. Read more. (AKA finish all the books I've started)

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday and have an amazing new year. Cheers!



  1. glad you had a great holiday season. I think you should let yourself have a treat once in a blue moon.

  2. I feel like I'm having treats for every phase of the moon. :(