Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Truth: Eye shadow palettes.

Eye shadow is my thing. Always has been; always will be There's something about playing around and experimenting with different colors and textures that I find super relaxing and enjoyable. So when a new shadow palette comes out from one of my favorite brads I'm all over it.

Truthfully though, I've made a few bad calls, regretting a purchase I've made due to poor quality or I just find that I really don't reach for it like I used to.

On the other hand, I've made some solid decisions and have found that I've used the same palette hundreds of times or created hundreds of looks out of just a few colors. I bring them with me on trips, and consider them my holy grail.

So let's get down to business about some of the palettes in my collection:

Urban Decay: Naked 3

With a tin container and a snap to close lid, I'm never scared to toss this in my suitcase and have it flip open and get all over the place, or worse yet, get smashed and all the colors shatter. 

It Cosmetics: Naturally pretty palette

I bought this palette on a whim after really liking a blush that I had bought and I was amazed and how pigmented these colors were. There's little to no fall out and a little bit truly goes a long way. This brand definitely deserves more recognition because the quality is extraordinary!

Urban Decay: Vice 2

I used to think of this palette as my biggest regret, but after owning it for a while it started growing on me. Urban Decay offers quite a range of selection here with mattes, neutrals, glitters, and color. If I was going to go on a trip this would be a palette that I would bring with me as I could do a wide variety of looks no matter what corner I may turn from meetings to a night on the town.  Unlike the original Vice palette, none of these colors are too in your face either so they're very wearable without going overboard. 

NYX: Butt Naked

NYX has gained a lot of popularity over the pat few years and this palette says a lot for the brand. I picked this up at Nordstrom Rack after seeing a bunch of taup-ish colors that I didn't have in my collection but wanted. Not only do you get great colors, but they're pretty pigmented and it's a 50/50 of matte and shimmer. An added bonus is that there's a hidden tray underneath which includes 3 blushes, a bronzer, and two high lights! How's that for traveling? You get everything you need all in one place.

Tarte: Away Oui Go

Let me just start off by saying that I love me some Tarte Cosmetics, and this is a wonderful palette. It was limited edition and comes with lip gloss, an AMAZING mascarra, blush, and a cute travel container that you can put each eye shadow "look" in. 
The reason I regret this palette is because I feel as though a lot of the colors are very similar. The color pay off is amazing, and you get a lot of product for your dollar spent, but nothing really stands out. If I would have realized that I already had quite a few similar colors in my collection I probably would have skipped this one, but if I already have it out then I'll just grab one of these. I'm not disappointed with my purchase, but it's something that I could have very well left at the store and still survived. 

Too Faced: Boudoir Eyes

The Too Faced Boudoir Eyes pallet has some pretty kinky names! I really don't have anything in my collection that has names quite like these so this is definitely the winner for this category. This set is great and the colors are beautiful. So glad I picked this one up!
Sephora Cinderealla Palette

My husband bought this for me for Christmas a couple years ago, as it was on my list. I love all the colors, and they have a great pay off, but I think the reason why I grab for it the least is just because they are almost all shimmers/sparkle. Also, there is an over abundance of blue (which makes sense since it's a Cinderella palette) but blue is a color I just hardly ever really reach for. 
I'm glad I have it, as I know it was limited edition, and it was the only piece that I wanted from the collection, I just wish there was more that I truly needed in here. 
Urban Decay: Naked 2 

I swear by this palette. Anytime somebody asks me about an eye shadow set they should get this is usually the first one that i recommend. The color payoff is amazing, the choices work together beautifully, and you really can do a lot of different looks with just this set.  I think I reach for something in here on a daily basis "Verve" being my most used as it is the best champagne out there in my opinion. 

Bobbi Brown: Caviar & Oyster

This is a set I truly cherish. Another gift from the hubs, Bobbi Brown did not fail me with this beauty. It's definitely the most expensive for what you get here, and although the colors are pretty sheer on first swipe, they are buildable. I know this post is all about shadows, but the gem here is actually the cheek high-light located right in the middle. It is S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G when applied and the staying power is phenominal. *swoon*

Pixi: Ultimate Beauty Kit 

I don't know what Pixi cosmetics was thinking when they were building this bad boy. The colors are actually quite nice, and the quality is pretty high up there too, but the packaging just absolutely sucks. Not only that, but I hate when companies but liquids next to powders (lipgloss next to blush or shadows). Like, hello! You can't even use them once you've tried anything anywhere near them. As you can also see, two of the shadows have completely shattered due to having to be stored upside down. The middle portion always slams shut, and is held together by ribbon. Just bad news all around; what a pitty. 

NYX: Be Free

I picked this up on a whim one night whilst in Ulta and you get a lot here. There are 25 eye shadows and then a hidden drawer which contains blush, high light, and bronzer. The quality is decent and there is a good mix of everything. Not to mention, the packaging is nice too. Go Nyx!

Smashbox: Full Exposure

It seems like I have a problem with impulse purchases. After a while of searching for a good neutral pallet, I finally just came home with this, as I liked the mix of shimmer and matte. I wasn't too familiar with Smashbox, but decided to just get it and see what happens. At first I wasn't too impressed, but after a few weeks of playing around with it it started to grow on me. I don't use the shimmers all that much, but it is really nice to have such a nice collection of matte browns. In the end, I'm glad I did it. 

Urban Decay: Vice 3

Lastly is this little fella. As you can tell, I love me some Urban Decay and this one did not fail to impress. I LOVE some of the taupey colors they offer, and the jewel tones are nice too. I especially like that not everything is a shimmer, and most of the colors in here are wearable on a daily basis. This was my makeup Christmas gift, and I'm proud to add it to my ever growing collection. 

I hope this helped with any decisions you guys may have been pondering on. I like to know what you've regretted and would purchase again. 

Sorry I haven't been around in some time. More posts coming soon!


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  1. The naked palette is one I really want to get. Its going on my birthday Wishlist.