Friday, July 3, 2015

Recap of the week

Let the 3 day weekend begin! This week has been crazy, but with the holiday up ahead there is plenty of relaxation in store... I hope.

Here's a round up of what the week has been like:


 I started my work week with some leopard print. Over the weekend I went a little crazy shoe shopping and got these babes from DSW. I paired them with some leggings and a gold flowy shirt.
The other star was this fringe necklace that I got from Pitaya a few months ago. It's a little bit crazy and out there but that's what I love most about it. 

Another crazy print and some loud neon pants.
Silky printed shirt: Pitaya
Neon coral pants: American Eagle
Sandals: Dulce Vita

Nothing brightens up your day like a bright wardrobe. I'm not afraid to embrace crazy prints & colors and mixing & matching. I like to choose a couple show stoppers and then play off that or base my attire off a certain theme or idea. You'd be surprised at what works together. 

 Who needs Disney World when you can have Cinderella right in your office?
It all started when I found this black choker necklace at Pitaya.  I immediately got the Cinderella vibes and got to work to create a modern and wearable outfit that didn't scream costume. 

Choker Necklace: Pitaya
Baby blue tee: Cynthia Rowley
White Jeggings: Target
Silver flats: Audrey Brooke (DSW) 
Silver studded earrings: Target

I apologize for the crappy photo, but I had to text a co-worker my "shoe game" that she was missing that day. These are hot, need I say more? 

With that, I'm ready to start my weekend. I feel like an old crone because when my husband asked me what I wanted to do this weekend, my reply was "The only thing I don't want to do is see fire works". So we'll see what happens!

Enjoy your holiday weekend, everybody!


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