Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lmited Edition Spring Makeup

Too Faced: Love Flush Blush
Sephora: Pantone Universe 2016 Color of the Year

Spring collections are filling the stores and I was finally able to get my hands on these two beauties a few nights ago at Sephora. I feel like I've been stalking my local Ulta waiting for the Two Faced blush palette to be available, since I know it's been out since Christmas time, but they always seem to get everything dead last.
I saw a review of the Sephora pallet online and was intrigued by the bright colors that I don't have even in my over abundance of wild Urban Decay sets. 

So let's talk about the color of the year. I used a few colors yesterday morning whilst getting ready for work and was very happy with the outcome. A few of the colors were slightly on the sheer side, but they were buildable.*  When I first swiped my brush across the first shadow I was a tad underwhelmed, but I dampened my brush with a little water and the color intensified.
There's a nice mix of matte, shimmer, and satin and the colors are as follows 

From L-R, T-B
Bright White-Rose Quartz-Honey Dew-Cafe Creme-Mellow Yellow-Ash
Antique White-Mushroom-Pelican-Chinois Green-Cedar Wood-Citadel
Oyster Mushroom-Coral Haze-Pale Mauve-Cafe Au Lait-Boa-Serenity
Fruit Dove-Orchid Haze-Cascade-Lantana-Linden Green-Marina 

Yesterday I used Oyster Mushroom, Ash, and Cedar Wood.

I was a bit annoyed that they didn't print the names of the shadows directly on the packaging.  They get a point taken away for that.  The packaging however, is sturdy and durable. The lid stays open regardless of how you tilt it (a pet peeve of mine) and the colors are very unique. The palette is $39 and located at Sephora**

I haven't tried any of these blushes yet, so I can't say too much, although I do plan on wearing one of them today. I've been a big fan of Too Faced for a few years but have never tried their blushes! (Can you believe it?!) I'm a huge blush junkie (maybe that's why, how many blushes does one person really need??) but what better way to try them out than with a set?
The assortment of colors is nice and from what I've read in other reviews online the quality is quite lovely. These colors look beautiful on all skin tones and range from season to season. Packaging is a B+ (I wished the lid clasped shut instead of just being a magnet, but this would be a great palette to bring traveling. The blushes claim to be "16-hour-wear" and are "budge-proof, high-impact" shades. 

You can get this palette for $36. I'm not seeing it on the Sephora website, but I got mine in-store. Ulta has it on their website though, but good luck finding it in store. 

Let me know what you're looking forward to picking up this spring. I'm ready to rock some pastels! How about you?

*I always use a good primer so staying power is never an issue
                                   **Sephora's website says it's online only, but I got mine in-store

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