Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday Winter Wonders

Winter is upon us, whether we want to admit it or not, and with temperatures dropping, skin and hair care is most important. 

When the weather gets brisk and the temperatures become frigid my skin dries out like crazy, so I try to take extra precautions before it it starts to crack and flake. The worst area for me, is my hands. I work in an office, so my hands touch paper all day long, which completely sucks out any ounce of moisture. 
It doesn't matter how much water I drink, I need to use as much moisturizer as possible to keep my skin looking soft and youthful. 

But when I put on moisturizer this time of year, I like to go for something seasonal that smells extra yummy. Ulta has an amazing selection of holiday goodies right now in their hygiene department, and I've been indulging in all their great deals. 

This moisturizing lotion smells divine, (and the packaging is cute too!), I've tried it already, even though Thanksgiving hasn't even arrived yet, and it does a great job. The formula is not too greasy, and it soaks into your skin in no time.

Then they have these delicious smelling hand soaps, which I admit I have one in my bathroom already out.  The soaps include scrubbing beads, and the scent is very potent, so make sure you really like it before you buy it. 

What's really awesome are these three-in-one products: it's a bubble bath, shampoo, and body wash. 
Like everything else I've already mentioned, this product is very potent. Ulta has two or three different scents of this line, but this candied caramel is my favorite. Yum yum. So far I've only used it as a shampoo, and I wish it was a bit more moisturizing for my hair, but the smell  trumps that. 

And besides, who needs to use anything else as a body wash when you have these puppies in your shower caddy? Philosophy makes THE BEST body washes (although these are also considered a three-in-one product). Seriously, they smell EXACTLY like what they are, and they come in the cutest scents. I'm currently about to finish up "Pink Frosted Animal Cracker" and my all time favorite is "Cinnamon Bun". Ughhhh AMAZING. 
These two smell great too, and they definitely put me in the holiday spirit. I'm not sure how new these are, if they're limited edition, or how long they've been around but I recommend picking up any of them that you see. 

Lastly I snatched up this gem. I feel like I went into Ulta 50 times trying to find this guy, but it was always sold out. 

 This is a blush holiday gift set from Benefit, and for $36 dollars you get 6 different blushes from their permanent boxed blush line along with a brush and a high light for your cheek bones. 
The only blush I've tried from Benefit is "Dandelion" which is included in this pallet, but it works out perfectly because I'm almost out! I've always wanted to try more of these as the quality is very nice, but I've never actually decided on which one I've wanted to try. 
I'm really excited that they included "Hoola" which is a cult bronzer that everybody absolutely loves, and I can definitely see what all the fuss is about. 

This is such a great deal. The amount of product you get is awesome, the tin packaging is adorable, and I'm glad that there is so much variety. 

Let me know what holiday goodies you're excited about this year!


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