Thursday, November 12, 2015

Skin care

Now that the colder and windier weather is upon us, I think it's important to talk about skin care.  Fall/Winter weather dries out my skin causing dry patches, redness, and flakes. Luckily I have a really good skin care routine that aids any signs or symptoms of Jack Frost's war on skin.  I've been using these products for a few years now and they've never failed me. I used to have a bit of Rosacea years ago, and once I stuck with a good skin care routine, it nipped it in the bud. Here's what I use every night before bed.

Nothing feels better than taking off my make up at the end of a long day. My makeup routine is all the bells and whistles:  a dominant smokey eye, contouring, highlight, lipstick, and all!

To get everything off I use cotton "makeup rounds", as I like to call them. They're thin, quilted, and aren't too rough. I use 5 of these to get everything off leaving my skin squeaky clean!

I usually begin by taking off my eye make-up using this or the drugstore version. I've looked at the labels and the ingredients are mostly the same. It doesn't sting or cause any irritation and after letting it soak into the lash line for a good 20 seconds, everything wipes right off. 
Target price: $5.49

Once that's all off, I take off my foundation up using the Neutrogena Naturals make up remover. 
1 and 1/2 pumps normally gets it all off. 
Target has the best price, at $5.69 (Why don't I buy this at Target more?!)

After the make up is gone, I clean my skin using Aveno's Clear Complexion face wash.  There are a couple different versions of this, one for sensitive skin and regular. Both work well, and haven't caused me any breakouts.  This foams nicely and 2 and 1/2 pumps goes a long way.
This can be picked up for around $5.99

And because I'm OCD and I like to make sure that no dirt or make up has been left behind I do a good once over with Clinique 3 toner. You'd be surprised what can linger! 
I get the big bottle from ULTA at $23.50. 

Since toner tends to dry out skin, I make sure to wrap everything up with some moisturizer.  My favorite is Olay Complete. This also comes in a couple different versions depending on your skin sensitivity. I like this because it also has sun screen in it so I also apply this in the morning before I put any makeup on. Not only does it help my foundation go on smoother, but it gives me protection from the sun as well. I only apply this where I tend to get dry spots (cheeks and nose) I have noticed that since I do have sensitive skin, if I apply this anywhere else, I will get a breakout. So use with caution. 
This is in most drugstores or at ULTA for around $7.00.

A few times a month in the winter, if I do get some dry patches I'll use an exfoliate. I don't use them that often, but I like the St. Ives apricot scrub. 
You can get this from most drug stores for around $4.00.
(I would use this before moisturizer)

And there you have it. It seems like a lot of lotions and potions to apply, but your skin will thank you later!

Everyone have a great week! 

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