Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Affordable fashion with a bit of luxury.

All I have to say right now is way to go Meijer. As I was making my way to the check out last week I spotted some cute scarves and hats in their accessories department. Grocery stores aren't exactly known for having the cutest selection of clothes, let alone decent quality, but I spun my kart around and headed over to take a closer look.

Meet my new scarf! This little cutie was hanging on an end cap with an assortment of different colors in the same pattern and style. I had a hard time choosing between this one and a dark blue with green and brown plaid stripes. In the end I decided to be a good girl and only get the one. This pattern is your classic red, green, white, and grey plaid that is perfect for fall and winter. It's figure 8 design and tattered edges makes it easy to throw on to cozy up any outfit. 

Another Meijer find was this beanie. I love a good beanie, and with this specific head piece, the bow and sparkle add some girliness to an other wise rugged demeanor. 

I paired these two with a long sleeve solid burgundy top from Gap and a pair of washed out black jeggings from Target (Not sure if those are the exact same, but it's the closest I could find)

For my touch of luxury, I slipped on my Jeffrey Campbell smoking moccasins, which I've been obsessing about. They are covered with silver spikes and are simply bad ass. 

I threw on my shoulder my Vince Camuto bag, and was out the door!

Small accessories and make up called for some little studded arrow earrings from Nordstrom and some contoured makeup. 

Paired with my smokey eye, I included my Rimmel London match perfection blush in medium, OPI Nail Polish in "Did you Ear about Van Gough?" and NYX limp plumper in Pamela. 

Thank goodness today was hump day. With this 10 day streak of nice weather I just want to be out in it Enjoy the rest of your week and be strong;style on. 



  1. Can't believe you find that beanie at Meijer. Its super cute

  2. I know!! I got another one there too that's navy blue with gold studs. 😄 they're really stepping up their game!!