Monday, September 8, 2014

Fall fashion trends: 2014 edition

With Autumn drawing near and new collections in stores, I've been really excited about what I've been seeing lately in the catalogs and on the shelves. Many of the trends this year are come backs from last year and classics that just never seem to go out of style. 

These are items I've recently purchased or already had waiting in my wardrobe to be taken out again this year to be reused.  

The following trends are at it again, and in no specific order. I'll be posting many looks with these pieces along with many more in the weeks to come. Enjoy!

Trend #1: Leopard Print

I have to admit, I was never an animal print girl my whole life, but for some reason,  this season it has really captured my attention. At first I would try my accessories to try and incorporate a little bit of the wild side into my wardrobe like these great boat shoes from Sperry Top Sider, a scarf, or a fun bag. But this season, I went a little crazy and got a great leopard print silky top and even cheetah print leggings (Target).
The best thing about an animal print like this is that there are so many different versions and prints, so you can find the pattern that fits best with your fit, frame, complexion, etc. 
I'm anxious to pair any of these pieces with some gold jewlery, dark denim, and smoky makeup. Perfection!

Trend #2: Oxblood

Probably my absolute favorite trend this season is this amazing color. Like, I'm totally obsessed, I just want anything and everything to be in this color. It's a fun shade too because it can lean toward either purple or blue toned red. My boots (Both from DSW), my jackets (both from Nordstrom), and my denim skinny leggings (Target) all lean toward blue toned red or purple. While the bag in the upper right hand corner, which has a great ombre effect, leans toward red. 
I think what makes so many people love this color is that it resembles the Autumn leaves and just makes one feel so warm and cozy. Oh, and it's pretty bad ass. (tune in to see make up and jewelry that feature this shade as well!)

Trend #3: (Faux)Furs

Nothing quite says "warm me up" like a fur collar, so that's why I'm finally deciding to embrace more of the fur trend this year. Full length faux fur coats were a major trend last season and I'm thinking that they're going to stick around again for 2014. But if you're like me, and don't completely want to resemble Cruella Deville, then opting for a fur collar or hood on a coat might be right up you're alley. If you're still not that convinced, try a fuzzy accessory or a fur lined pair of boots, you'll be on point without feeling over the top. 

My Ella Moss jacket has a detachable collar, so if I'm not digging it that day, but still want to wear the cute khaki green jacket, it's easily removable. 

Trend #4: Plaid

I'm pretty sure that if you could define autumn and winter with one pattern it would be plaid. It's this time of year, for the most part, that it really shines, and anyone can pull it off. Although it can be a bit bold, deciding on how you want to wear a tartan depends on the look you're going for. If you're a little timid, try wearing the print as an accessory. A classic Burberry check scarf can be an absolute staple in any woman's (or mans!) wardrobe. If you want to be a bit bolder, try some plaid leggings or skinny jeans with a solid top. If the plaid is a darker shade, it can be quite slimming. Brighter shades and smaller checks can be a little more revealing, so keep that in mind when you're trying it on.  Shoes are another great plaid accessory. Spice up a solid look with a pair of plaid booties or girly plaid flats. 

Trend #5: Army/Khaki Green

Another lovely color, khaki green, can either make a bold statement or be a great neutral. Prints such as camoflauge or a cute little jacket can really spice up your look. My military shemaugh (scarf) or patent bag are great accessories to incorporate color without it being a neutral. The tank in the middle, (Maurices) is a bit more muted, therefore is great for a layering piece. This color looks amazing paired with oxblood denim. Sounds a little cray cray, but it looks amazing. Trust me!
You can also pair this with taupe boots or a fun beanie and new age grunge is back, baby!

Trend #6:  Navy

Navy is slowing becoming my new love again. I go back and forth with taking it out for a season and putting it away for a season. This year, however, I'm taking it back out to play. Navy is one of those colors that I feel sometimes gets over looked because it often is so close to black and black can sometimes be boring, right? 
Well I'm throwing that out the window! This cute little jacket (Charloette Russe) is a navy with charcoal and grey plaid, bringing out that amazing shade of blue. These Mercanti Fiorentini penny loafers add a bold pop in a lighter shade of navy that leans on cobalt. Navy denim leggings, like these from the Kardashian Kollection, look classic and sophisticated when paired with a black blazer and killer heels.  

Trend #7: Being Native

Browns and other neutrals are a staple for fall, Add an Aztec print and a pair of moccasins and you're golden. I love the pair I have here from Minnetonka, because 1. They're super comfy, and 2. The added beaded detail really makes them stand out amongst the crowd. A beaded bag is another fun accessory that will give your outfit that laid back and native vibe. Braided detail like the one on my Lucky Brand suede satchel gives subtle detail but also looks very earthy. Adding in fringe and colored beads makes any outfit pop and brings to life these neutral tones. 

Trend #8: Fall Florals 

Who says one can only wear flowers in the spring and summer? Not this girl. Muted shades with a floral print totally works when worn in the fall. I've been seeing floral combat boots everywhere, and even floral leggings can be worn in the fall as long as the colors aren't too bright. These floral leggings I have from Express are perfect as they have a print going up the sides that are grey and white. I find that floral print clothing that incorporate grey, green, and purple work really well in the fall, but when it comes to floral combat boots, it's pretty fair game. 

Trend #9: Back to Black (leather)

You really can't go wrong here. Everybody needs some good black leather in their wardrobe, whether it be a motorcycle jacket or a classic pair of black boots... it's just necessary, okay?
To make things a little more interesting, though, try finding black items that aren't totally one texture. For instance, my Nine West booties in the left corner are suede and leather, and that fab Kelsi Dagger bag also has two different textures. 
Another ongoing classic trend is two-toned. I've worn my cognac and black two-toned riding boots from DSW to death, like I need to get them resoled ASAP. They just look good with so many outfits; you really can't go wrong here, guys. 
I think we'll be seeing more studs as well, which I'm glad because it adds a bit of edge and shells out plenty of character to an otherwise not-so-interesting item. For instance, imagine what my Steve Madden satchel would look like without the studs. Kind of boring, huh? But if the all-leather looks is not for you, try picking up a shirt that has leather detailing on it, like my brown sweater from Target which just has leather detailing on the sleeves. 

I hope you enjoyed my take on my favorite fall trends. Feel free to let me know what your favorites are this season. Leave your blog link in the comment section, as I love other blogger's ideas on what to wear in the crisp autumn air. 


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