Thursday, October 9, 2014

So it all started when I spotted this tribal/western top from the brand Happening in the Present from Nordstrom Rack. I was there over the weekend and spotted it on the mannequin , but when I discovered it was the only tee in my size, I decided to pass it up as it would probably be such a hassle if I could actually find somebody to take it down.  
A day later I went back for it. I got to looking around my closet and realized that I had quite a few things that would actually look really nice with it and that I didn't have anything quite like it already. 

The first thing I grabbed were these Bullhead Jeggings (which you can find similar styles here) and this amazing belt that I got from Regeneration

The sweater has somewhat of an awkward cut, so I decided to tuck it in in the front and let it hang out a bit in the back. These are high wasted jeggings anyway, so it worked. It made my legs look longer and I was able to embrace the belt buckle in all it's glory. 

My footwear choice were these distressed Crown Vintage boots that I got from DSW a few years ago now.  The leather belt and distressed toe worked perfectly here. I don't think I have a boot that would have worked any better. 

On my way out the door that morning I threw on this oxblood leather jacket that I think I got from Nordstrom Rack last fall. The color of this coat is to die for, and I really like that it's simply a leather jacket, so there's not too many bells and whistles besides for a few details around the bottom and sleeves. It can be hard sometimes to find a leather jacket that is fitted and doesn't make you look like a motorcycle mama. 

For my makeup this morning I used two palettes that I've been absolutely loving lately and they're both from NYX!

First one is the NYX Be Free palette, using the dark teal color in the lower right for my lid. 

And second is the NYX Butt Naked pallet, which is the newest makeup I've added to my collection. This whole palette is really nice and NYX has really upped their game in the quality department. The shadows are velvety and smooth and the blush I used blended smoothly and evenly. 

I kept my lips nude, as 1. they're already pretty pigmented on their own and 2. I didn't want there to be too much going on as I already had a pretty bold eye and bright cheek. 

Last but not least is nails. I used OPI's, "I Brake for Manicures" because it's such a dark purple that it looks black, but it's somewhat muted so it just kind of always matches with everything.

And there you have it! I'm so pleased with how this top corresponded with everything else in my wardrobe. 
If you're on the edge about embracing the tribal/western look this season, think again. Anyone can rock a good bold pattern. Happy mixing and matching and have a great rest of the week!

--XO Angelle

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  1. Got to love when an outfit work out that way. Glad they still had the sweater.